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Just Wanted You To Know (Men of the Misfit Inn Book 5)

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Livia Applewhite needs a change. Her awful boss has made the job she used to love a serious drag. On top of that, it seems everyone around her is paired off in romantic bliss. It's enough to give a girl a complex. Hoping a change of scenery will give her new perspective, she sets off for a two-week trip to Tennessee to visit her favorite cousin.

It's been more than a decade since Declan Callahan has thought about anything but being a dad. But when his extensive (and meddling) foster family wrangles him into a "chance" encounter with the first love he had to leave behind, he's wise enough not to waste it. He's got a long-overdue apology to make.

But as that apology opens a door long shut, Livia and Declan give in to the spell of nostalgia, basking as all those old feelings kindle anew. They're fully grown now, with lives in different places. Will this brief encounter be enough to convince Livia to give the undeniable connection between them a real second chance?

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