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Jilting the Kilt (A Kilted Hearts Prequel) AUDIOBOOK

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Arranged marriages are so three centuries ago. But that doesn't stop Afton Lennox from being bound by one. All her life she's been pledged to wed Connor MacKean. It's the only way to save both their families' estates, and they're friends, after all, so it won't be that bad. Right?

Hamish Colquhoun has spent his entire adult life trying to find a way to liberate his best friend from a marriage he doesn't want. If it also spares the woman he's secretly loved for years, it's of no mind to him. He's already got a wife and family of his own. Freeing them both is just the right thing to do.

But with the wedding just days away, time is running short. Afton and Connor are prepared to do their duty, fulfilling the pact made by their long-dead ancestors. There's one option Hamish hasn't mentioned. It would only buy some time at best and risk everything at worst. But as Afton begins to question everything, Hamish finds he can't stay silent.

God save them all.
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